Prince Andrew showed what true power is: turning a blind eye to abuse

Why this interview was conducted in a palace and not a police station still makes little sense to me. Still, remember folks, the real threat to the monarchy is Meghan cradling her bump and force-feeding Harry tofu or something. Enough. Surely. Andrew is the way he is because of his huge sense of entitlement, money, women, the lifestyle he was bred into. Playboy? War hero? No, actually besties with a pimp rapist.

None of it is new. The royals inhabit this sordid world. A “straightforward shooting weekend” is actually, it turns out, a party given for the partner of a paedophile?

This is what it means to be born to rule. To over-blink in the headlights of a simple question, but to not bat an eyelid at the systematic abuse of young women. This is what entitlement looks like. Shabby, dodgy and scared as hell. The country stares back at this dissolute man in blank disgust.

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