Salesforce’s chief recruiter says arrogance is the biggest red flag in hiring. Here’s how the company spots it during the interview process

Salesforce prides itself on hiring based on the company’s four main cultural tenets: trust, innovation, equality, and customer success. 

The biggest red flag in the recruitment process that indicates someone doesn’t embody those traits is arrogance, according to Ana Recio, Salesforce’s executive vice president of global recruiting. 

“The whole Silicon Valley, the whole globe, is full of really talented people. And it’s individuals who think that they’re a little bit more special than the rest. That’s not gonna work,” she told Business Insider. “If you walk into a room, and you have this sense that you’re the smartest one there, you’re probably not going to have a good experience at Salesforce.” 

Instead, Salesforce looks for smart people who “don’t necessarily have to be the star in the room each and every time,” she said. It’s one reason why the company is able to foster a spirit of collaboration and transparency across the enterprise.

It’s pretty easy to suss that out during an interview.

A key gauge is if the person continually responds to questions about their own experiences without referencing the team or the collaboration that helped achieve certain goals or metrics. For potential recruits, that means watching how often they use the word “I” during the interview process. 

“It really comes through if an individual is there to really elevate and to accelerate the goals of the team or to accelerate or elevate their own agenda,” Recio said. 

That’s not to say Salesforce doesn’t want to empower people to act independently. Instead, the company seeks to move quickly on decisions in “a respectful way, in a really clear, communicative way.”

With Salesforce on pace to hire 10,000 people this year alone, these tips can help recruits stand out among the more than 80,000 people the company interviews.  

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