Video Shows Bolivian Soldiers, Tanks Joining Indigenous Protests Against Coup Regime

(TMU) — New video has emerged from Bolivia that appears to show large-scale defections from Bolivia’s Army and soldiers joining protests against the U.S.-backed coup government of Interim President Jeanine Áñez

The footage may be a sign of rapid change in the ongoing political unrest that has followed President Evo Morales’ resignation, which came after threats from the Andean country’s military leadership. Since then, the government has been taken by far-right political parties and Christian fundamentalist paramilitaries opposed to the indigenous socialist leader.

On Sunday, video began circulating that showed members of the Andean country’s military marching on foot alongside protesters from the Copacabana Workers’ Union on the Oruro-La Paz highway headed toward the nation’s capital, reports Kaosenlared.

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