Dems Breaking Ranks Due to Phony Impeachment: This NJ Dem Isn’t Hiding, He is Taking His Message to the Media

There is trouble brewing with Schiff’s phony impeachment. It has been rumored that some Democrats are ready to cross the aisle and others are simply not going to vote for impeachment.

Whether they come to the conclusion to save their jobs or by honesty, there will be many Democrats that jump ship on this phony impeachment.


It is about setting up Trump to take the fall for many of the Dems who are guilty of bad dealings with Ukraine.

They are trying to strike first and avoid justice for themselves.

TOP Democrats are trying to protect their own futures with this phony Trump impeachment.
When the lesser, unknown and innocent Democrats start to realize that they are betting their own jobs to save Pelosi, Schiff, Obama, The Bidens, et al they will do what politicians do best.
They will cover their own asses by breaking ranks and try to keep their jobs.
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