Russian ‘Popeye’ has 3 pounds of ‘dead’ muscle removed after DIY bodybuilding injections

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A 23-year-old bodybuilder in Russia, who has been nicknamed “Popeye” due to his abnormally large biceps, has recently undergone the first of at least three surgeries to remove roughly 3 pounds of “dead” muscle tissue after he injected a dangerous enhancement substance — Synthol — into his biceps and triceps.

Kirill Tereshin used “petroleum jelly” injections, or Synthol oil, to enhance the size of his arms, which, before surgery, were said to be 24-inch around, the New York Post reported.

Tereshin, who was reportedly told he could die or face amputation if he did not have the corrective procedure, was also encouraged to have the surgery by a Russian plastic surgery activist named Alana Mamaeva, according to the outlet. The 32-year-old reportedly helped to raise money for the surgery, which occurred at Sechenov Moscow State Medical University.


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