CBS Program Asks About Six-Year-Olds Being Taught How to Masturbate

CBS Program Asks About Six-Year-Olds Being Taught How to Masturbate
CBS’ daytime talk show The Talk asked Twitter users on Thursday their thoughts on giving six-year-olds mandatory lessons on how to masturbate.

In a Twitter post that seemed to come out of left field, The Talk’s official Twitter account asked followers to sound off on six-year-olds receiving “compulsory self-touching lessons.”

The tweet’s premise likely stemmed from recent reports out of the UK covering Warwickshire County’s implementation of a program called “All About Me,” a lesson plan that would teach children as young as six the “self-stimulation” lessons.

Back in September, The Daily Mail reported parents within the district, which contains some 241 schools, were appalled to learn about the lessons.

From one parent:

‘My wife cried the first time she read what was going to be in the lessons,’ said Mr Seymour, 38. ‘This sexualisation of our children is just totally inappropriate. They are calling it self-touching and they won’t use the term masturbation, but when you read it that’s exactly what they’re talking about.

‘We don’t want to start picket lines and wave banners. We’re just an ordinary family. I think many families who had seen these lesson plans would feel the same way we did.’

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