Colin Kaepernick Workout Exposes Sellout Black Sports Commentators Like Stephen A. Smith

In the battle to control the narrative of a controversial story, Uncle Tom-esque black pundits play a crucial role in tearing down black professional athletes who rebel against white sports franchise owners. The fallout from Colin Kaepernick’s controversial NFL workout this past Saturday is exposing commentators such as ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith and Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock for embracing coonery so they can keep their lofty on-air positions.

The NFL didn’t want the media at Kaepernick’s workout because the league wanted to control the narrative. Of the 50-plus balls he threw, the NFL would have released footage of only the balls that hit the ground. Kaepernick wanted to control the narrative by having the media and his camera crew there to show him hitting his receiver in perfect stride with a deep ball.

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