Pete Buttigieg has now lost all confidence from black voters

Imagine being so desperate for support among a certain group of voters that you distort the truth to improve your standing. That is exactly what Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg has done in South Carolina. With only 2 percent support among African Americans according to an average of national polls, Buttigieg is attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of black voters by touting support from high profile African American officials in South Carolina by saying that they support of his “Douglass Plan” for blacks. But there’s one problem with that, none of it’s true.

As noted by the Intercept, several prominent African Americans in South Carolina whom the Buttigieg campaign touted as endorsing his plan have publicly come out saying they did no such thing and, in fact, some of them are even supporting and have endorsed other candidates. So what gives? It is pure and simple desperation. Despite being the current frontrunner among his fellow candidates in Iowa, Buttigieg knows what we all know. You simply cannot become the Democratic nominee without African Americans.

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