Robert De Niro Believes Trump Will Start a War So He Can Serve Three Terms as President

Robert De Niro is dreadfully worried that, should President Donald Trump evade impeachment and be re-elected, he’ll likely start a war in a brazen effort to secure a third term.

“I’m worried because if he gets re-elected, it’s gonna be very, very bad—very bad on a lot of levels. We already have a lot of reparations, if you will—repairs—to do to the damage that he’s already done, and he has to be gotten out,” De Niro tells The Daily Beast. “He’s going to be history at one point, though he’d love to be president for life. He jokes about it. I think that if he became president for a second term he’d try to have a third term, and let smarter people manipulate it into getting us into some kind of altercation: a war.”

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