Seven hours in the air with Sondland after he implicated Trump in his impeachment testimony

By Zachary Cohen, CNN

Updated 1:27 PM ET, Thu November 21, 2019

(CNN) In the middle of impeachment hearings Wednesday, as Ambassador Gordon Sondland implicated President Donald Trump in pressuring Ukraine to investigate his political rival, Sondland’s lawyer interrupted with an intriguing detail: The ambassador had a flight to catch.

“Ambassador Sondland had intended to fly back to Brussels to resume his duties at the end of the day, and so it would be a great convenience to us if we could have a shorter break now and resume with the members’ questions and try and wrap up in time that he might be able to make his flight,” he said about the Trump-appointed ambassador to the European Union.
That’s when my editor called.

“Pack a bag, Zack, you’re going to Brussels.”

There was only one direct flight from the Washington area to Brussels Wednesday evening: a 5:50pm United flight out of Dulles International Airport.

I was on it.


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