Watch: Kamala Harris Mistakenly Says ‘Fags’ in Post-Debate Interview

“This guy just you know again, goes for the photo-op, you remember all of these fags — flags — that looked almost fake” Harris told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, referring to President Trump’s meetings with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in Singapore and Hanoi Summit, Vietnam

Earlier Wednesday evening, Harris argued during the debate that President Trump had gotten “punked” on foreign policy regarding his administration’s denuclearization negotiations with North Korea.

When asked whether she would have held a summit with Kim, Harris replied: “With all due deference to the fact this is a presidential debate, Donald Trump got punked.”

“He has conducted foreign policy since day one borne out of a very fragile ego,” she continued. “That fails to understand that one of the most important responsibilities of the commander-in-chief is to concern herself with the security of our nation and homeland. And to do it in a way that understands that part of the strength of who we are as a nation, and therefore an extension of our ability to be secure is not only that we have a vibrant military, but that when we walk in any room around the globe, we are respected because we keep to our word, we are consistent, we speak truth, and we are loyal.”

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