A transgender woman says she was humiliated when she was forced to remove her makeup for her ID

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A transgender woman in Utah said she was left humiliated and in tears after she was made to remove her makeup and retake her photo to replace her driver’s license at a local DMV.

Jaydee Dolinar, a 33-year-old environmental archaeologist pursuing her PhD at the University of Utah, said the incident underscores the challenges transgender people face doing even routine business like getting identification. She now hopes her experience prompts change in Utah, a state transgender advocates classify as being among the most burdensome for transgender people trying to secure a basic document like a driver’s license.

“I expected it to be just fine,” Dolinar told The Washington Post on Wednesday. “I never expected to walk in and have a discriminatory incident occur.”

After her purse was stolen and she had to replace her license and other documents, Dolinar said she prepared for a Nov. 13 appointment at the Fairpark Driver License Office in Salt Lake City, where she lives. The first Driver’s License Division (DLD) employee she interacted with was “a total professional” and took her photo without incident. The next employee who attended to her, however, went over several of her responses before abruptly getting up and leaving for almost 10 minutes, Dolinar said.


Article URL: https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2019/11/20/transgender-woman-says-she-was-humiliated-when-she-was-forced-remove-her-makeup-her-id/

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