Chinese National Indicted in US for Attempting to Steal Trade Secrets: DOJ

A Chinese national who worked for Monsanto, a U.S. agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology company, was indicted by a grand jury for allegedly spying and stealing trade secrets for the Chinese regime.

Haitao Xiang, 42, who worked for Monsanto and its subsidiary, The Climate Corporation, between 2008 and 2017 was indicted on Nov. 21 on one count of conspiracy to commit economic espionage, three counts of economic espionage, one count of conspiracy to commit theft of trade secrets, and three counts of theft of trade secrets by a federal grand jury, the Justice Department (DOJ) announced.

This is the latest in a string of economic espionage cases where Chinese nationals have been caught attempting to steal intellectual property from U.S. companies to benefit the Chinese communist regime. Some have succeeded. Since January 2018, more than 30 China-related espionage cases, including those involving Chinese intelligence officers, former U.S. intelligence officials, Chinese nationals, and naturalized U.S. citizens from China, have made the headlines.

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