‘Don’t talk to me about the Constitution!’ ‘The View’ blows up over flailing impeachment fallout

‘Don’t talk to me about the Constitution!’ ‘The View’ blows up over flailing impeachment fallout

“The View” host Meghan McCain said the Democrats’ flailing impeachment stunt is not convincing voters that President Trump should be impeached.

McCain’s remarks triggered her left-wing co-hosts, Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin, who had angry meltdowns.

“It’s really interesting to note that Independents are actually making this shift [against impeachment],” McCain said. “Impeachment approval ratings are down 5%, and it’s Independent voters that are responsible for this.” (see more on latest impeachment poll below.)

McCain said that she lived in Virginia and saw firsthand the enthusiastic support that President Trump enjoys around the country.

Despite the mainstream media narrative suggesting that most Americans support impeachment, Meghan said: “there are people in this country…who are not convinced that what happened was an impeachable offense.”

Meghan said the Democrats and their media minions have cried wolf too many times and catastrophized every little thing that Trump has done for the past three years. As a result, they’ve inoculated Trump against their nonstop attacks, which most people no longer take seriously anymore.

“Democrats have gotten out over their skis so many times!” McCain said. “I remember coming on this show last year thinking [Robert] Mueller had this locked and loaded. ‘Lock him up, put him in handcuffs. This is done.’”

She continued: “The problem is there is a distrust of who to believe at this point. I’ve been told time and time again, ‘[Trump is] going to jail and he’s going to get impeached.’ [And nothing has happened].”


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