In ‘Crime In Progress,’ Fusion GPS Chiefs Tell The Inside Story Of The Steele Dossier

There’s an unverified story that has circulated placing Donald Trump in the presidential suite of the Moscow Ritz-Carlton in 2013.

Seven Russian sources told British specialist Christopher Steele the hotel anecdote, write Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch in their new book Crime in Progress: Inside the Steele Dossier and the Fusion GPS Investigation of Donald Trump.

Steele spent his career working for the UK’s foreign intelligence service, MI6, and assembled a network of contacts in Russia that he preserved after getting into the private intelligence game in 2009, the authors write.

Other Republicans wanted to stop Trump. Initially, a conservative billionaire bankrolled the work of Simpson’s and Fritsch’s company.

“The ultimate Russian goal was to prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming president, and therefore, the idea that they would intentionally spread embarrassing information about Trump — true or not — is not logical.”

Page really had been in contact with Russian intelligence officers and was on the FBI’s radar. He maintains that he has done nothing wrong and, indeed, hasn’t faced criminal charges.

It was Steele, the authors write, who felt compelled to go outside the arrangement he had with Fusion GPS and transmit what he’d learned to the FBI.

It also is a story without an ending, the authors write, because central questions about Trump — and whether powerful Russians or others may have some hold on him — haven’t yet been resolved, they say.

The authors describe a campaign by an archenemy, House Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., chairman and then later ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, to target and destroy Fusion. Nunes flies to London to try to get a meeting with the heads of British intelligence to try to undermine Steele.

“This Nunes is a proper clown,” Steele told Fritsch. “It’s stunning he thought that would work.”

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