Rep. Steve King Retweeted Far-Right Influencer With History Of Holocaust Denial

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) earlier this week promoted a far-right influencer with a history of Holocaust denial and anti-immigrant bigotry, who once tweeted, “Hitler had some good points. I think the Holocaust never actually happened.”

The post King highlighted on Nov. 16 came from Peter Sweden, a YouTube and Twitter personality who was telling his followers to “be a rebel” and “save society” through marriage, children and homeschooling. King quote-tweeted him ― stating “The best thing for our country is for good people to have a lot of babies and raise them right” ― before deleting the tweet with no explanation less than three hours later. 

King’s office did not immediately respond on Friday to HuffPost’s request for comment about the congressman’s tweet and what led to his deleting it.

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