WATCH: Female Student Assaulted, Harassed, Robbed By Mob At Coulter Speech: ‘Get The F*** Out Of Here, B****!’

On Wednesday night, an estimated 1,000-plus people showed up to protest a speech from conservative firebrand Ann Coulter at UC Berkeley’s Wheeler Hall. Notably, many of those “protesting” the speech had the express goal of shutting down the speech, as opposed to just voicing their differing views.

Coulter commented on the assault via Twitter, captioning Ngo’s tweet: “They hate the Coulter ticket holder because she’s pretty and has long blonde hair.”

Additional reporting from Ngo shows anti-Coulter protesters forming “a human wall with linked arms to block others from entering” the speech.

(If you’re struck right now by the irony of protesters who take issue with Coulter’s immigration stances forming a human wall and shouted “go home” to others, you are not alone.)

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