White House officials, GOP senators meet to discuss potential two-week Senate trial

“I think two weeks was thrown out as more of an example, not a goal. It’s not written on a stone tablet,” one GOP aide to a meeting attendee told ABC News.

Graham said the group talked about “what happened in the House and what was the senators’ view of a trial.” Graham also said he wanted to make sure that the White House understood there are not enough votes to dismiss the case right out of the gate, therefore a trial is a foregone conclusion.

Trump continued courting senators on Thursday at a lunch with eight key lawmakers ahead of a trial, bringing up the topic briefly off the top of the meeting, according to attendees.

“He talked about impeachment and how frustrated he is at the inability to defend himself,” Sen. Shelly Moore Capito, R-W.Va., recounted. “But he didn’t dwell on it. He didn’t take up the lengthiest part of our conversation by any means.”

Two White House sources tell ABC News that Trump repeated familiar lines about how unfair the process has been and how he has done nothing wrong, adding that the president lashed out at “Pelosi and Shifty Schiff.”

“With regards to the president’s comments, he didn’t … say anything or raise any topics and he hasn’t said on TV multiple times,” Romney said, noting that no senator in the room offered a reply to Trump.

“There’s just no way you can stop it. We get that now. So, let’s do this,” Graham said.

A senior administration official told ABC News of the White House meeting, “It was the beginning of a conversation and decisions on strategy will be made by one guy who was not at the meeting: the president.”

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