GOP Rep. Brad Wenstrup Addresses Impeachment Inquiry: Coups Create Division, Its Time For This Democrat Coup Attempt To End

Was it good for the country for Americans and foreigners alike to attempt to entrap members of the United States presidential campaign, specifically the Trump campaign? Sadly, I’ve come to believe through all this that some in power do think it’s good. They think it’s okay. And now we’re here at an impeachment proceeding, certainly a right that Congress has, and apparently even with very partisan rules. But I’m curious. This impeachment inquiry was announced by the speaker before the whistleblower complaint was even out. I’m curious how–why the lawyer for the whistleblower announced that the coup to impeach the president–he announced that right after Trump won. That’s pretty damning.

I know it hurts after losing an election, especially as Americans. We usually get over it. And I imagine it would hurt even more if you were promised a position in the next administration and lost and your hopes and your dreams are dashed. You know, I’ve seen hatred for political reasons, specifically on June 14, 2017 at a ballfield in Virginia. And I’ve seen hatred in war and I know that hatred blinds people. I’ve been in war and I’ve studied war and coups create division. And it’s time for this phase of the publicly announced and proclaimed Democrat coup to end. Thank you for your service. Thanks for being here, and I yield back.

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