Kardashians, A$AP Rocky and four-letter words: The impeachment inquiry clearly reflects the Trump era

Updated 2:10 PM ET, Sat November 23, 2019


Whenever it happened, at some point during hours of hearings it became clear this was an impeachment inquiry the Trump era deserves: a high-low juxtaposition of damning testimony from serious people peppered with the absurdist footnotes of a madcap presidency.
In some ways, all impeachment proceedings become mirrors to their time. Bill Clinton’s, with its soap opera details and biological evidence, reflected the moral divide of the late nineties. Two decades before, Richard Nixon’s Watergate signaled a seedy end to golden postwar America.
As historians write their chapters on the country’s fourth impeachment proceeding, perhaps they will omit Trump’s disposition for morning grouchiness, revealed by the American Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland.

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