America’s Democracy Is at Stake. Why Aren’t We Acting?

The United States is under attack. Every intelligence and national security agency and official agrees that foreign adversaries such as China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia continue to try and infiltrate our electoral processes.

Foreign actors have hacked our election systems, disseminated propaganda online to influence voters, funneled money into our elections through opaque groups and hired unregistered lobbyists to work on their behalf.

As one example, Russian-affiliated hackers attempted to access election systems in all 50 states during the 2016 election cycle. Since 2018, Twitter has removed at least 14,000 accounts that were tied to foreign influence operations by Venezuela, Russia, Iran and others. Almost every week, we learn of new attempts to directly undermine our democracy.

These attacks are an affront to our nation’s security posture. As of today, they have yet to be properly dealt with because Washington remains divided. That’s unacceptable, and everyone outside of Congress and the White House agrees. Even the largest social media platforms, such as Facebook, which continue to be the primary pipeline that foreigners use to attack our political system, have admitted that they do not have all the tools to make foreign actors stop. Our government must take action as well.

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