Don’t assume all Southern black women are anti-Trump

It’s a common misperception, according to Huntsville-based executive chef Merle Phillip, who says she’s somewhat of a political “unicorn” – a conservative African-American woman who “got on the Trump train” early on.

That train is taking Phillip to Washington, D.C., this week where she’ll contribute her design and culinary skills as part of an elite volunteer team who were chosen, based on work samples, to prepare the White House for elaborate Christmas festivities including dinners, parties, and tours.

Phillip said in a recent Belle Curve podcast interview that she understands why people make snap judgments about another person’s political beliefs based on their race, but that she believes “you should never judge a book by its cover because you just don’t know.”

Being part of the decades-old tradition of decorating the White House is an opportunity Phillip said she’d have been thrilled to accept no matter who occupies the White House, though she agrees more with Trump than with former President Barack Obama.

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