The Curtain Closes on ‘The Schiff Show’

Democrats—including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) who just admitted that impeachment is a way to prevent a “potentially disastrous outcome from occurring next year”—are publicly acknowledging their weak field and fear that, unless Trump is forcibly removed from office, he will be re-elected next November.

No matter how much the Democrats try to dress this up as a legitimate impeachment based on bribery or quid pro quo or obstruction of justice or Twitter-witness tampering, the American people can see through the farce. Polls in Wisconsin, a state with 10 critical electoral votes, show Trump beating every major Democrat; the president’s job approval rating is at 46 percent according to Rasmussen, a reason-defying figure considering the ongoing crusade against him.

So the curtain closes on ”The Schiff Show.” The next act will be staged at the House Judiciary Committee, starring Rep. Jerold Nader (D-N.Y.).

The nation’s capital will remain hostage to a rampage against a president that began hours after he was elected while Democrats ignore the issues that Americans truly care about. Democratic candidates and lawmakers will have plenty of explaining to do on the campaign stump next year; if they fail to capture the White House, and possibly even lose control of the House once again, one person will own most of the blame. Schiff might have exited the stage but his impeachment reel is forever.

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