Trump claims he electrified the border wall. Fox & Friends’ Brian Kilmeade is visibly disturbed.

Kathryn Krawczyk

The Week

Fri, Nov 22 7:14 AM PST


Sometimes President Trump’s early-morning rants are even too absurd for his favorite morning show.


Trump called into Fox & Friends on Friday to complain about two weeks of public impeachment hearings and the women involved with them, and then, unsurprisingly, spun to talking about the border wall. But when he started ranting about some deterrents he’s apparently added to his plans, he didn’t have all the show’s hosts onboard.


After acknowledging that it’s been easy to break through the pieces of the wall that have already been built on the border, Trump claimed the “wall is electrified” — something that hasn’t been reported yet. Host Brian Kilmeade’s face immediately sunk, and he looked to his seemingly unconcerned co-hosts as Trump explained it’s so “if anyone touches it,” border agents can “get there within minutes.” “You electrified the wall?” a seemingly shocked Kilmeade then asked, but Trump ignored the question and kept talking.

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