Why is your religion “right”?

Over the course of several years of reading, participating in and moderating discussions about Religion, one thing stands out as a consistent claim made by most Theists: that their religion, rather than any other, is “right”.

I understand this mentality. As a former Russian Orthodox Christian, even the word “Orthodox” meant “Right Belief” and we took that to heart. But, interestingly enough, no one ever challenged this claim of having ultimate correctness in thought or religious belief. Other Christian denominations also make the same claim about their interpretation of the Bible; they see themselves as “right” and the rest of us as wrong, mis-guided or not “true” Christians. I have watched this claim being made by just about every single type of Christian Theist on this channel (and the former Disqus Religion channel).

My questions to you all, specifically Christians who claim to have the “right” view of biblical interpretation, are these:

1) Why are your ideas “right” and other Christians are “wrong” when you both refer to the same Bible and even the same scriptural passages when making your case?

2) And secondly, perhaps even more importantly, why is your religion “right” and all other religions are “wrong”? What evidence can you provide to unquestionably prove that only your faith is “the one” and all others are “false”?

Thanks — and I ask that Theists in this discussion do not go down into circular logic rabbit trails here… I’d really like to hear some of your own experiences and to what extent you took to finally determine that your particular version of faith, especially Christianity, was “right”.

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