Ex-MSNBC host says network is ‘shameless’ in coverage of Sanders, Yang, Gabbard

Former MSNBC host Krystal Ball ripped into her former employer on Monday, arguing that it had “officially lost the left” and was “shameless” in its unfair coverage of anti-establishment Democrats.

“[T]he network is absolutely shameless in the way that it covers the 3 anti-establishment candidates, Bernie [Sanders]Tulsi [Gabbard], and [Andrew] Yang,” she said, according to The Hill. She was referring to three of the candidates seeking the Democratic nomination for 2020.

“Every interview with Tulsi must include the obligatory ‘Assad apologist’ question and conspiracies about her running third party or being a Russian asset abound. In These Times [magazine] recently did an analysis of Bernie’s primetime coverage on the network and found that he is mentioned one-third as often as Biden and far more negatively than any other candidate.”

She also complained that outside of host Steve Kornacki, the network “never took” Sanders seriously “or covered him like a real challenge to Hillary” in 2016.

…Ball also took on personalities whom she said reflexively opposed Trump while supporting Republicans who opposed him.

“There is nothing intellectual or principled or progressive about simply reflexively opposing Trump and worshiping the Republicans who oppose him when they have never reckoned with their own role from deregulation to zombie Reaganism to the Iraq war that helped create this mess,” she said.

“The one thing they all have in common, the neoliberals and wealthy executives and Bush neo-cons, is a vested interest in pretending that everything was fine before Trump and everything will be fine again after Trump.”

Article URL : https://www.foxnews.com/media/ex-msnbc-host-says-network-is-shameless-in-coverage-of-sanders-yang-gabbard

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