K-9 helps take down man who punched Orange County cop: video

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A man who punched a cop in Orange County was busted with a little help from a K-9, dramatic new video shows.

Tony Mann, 31, walked to the back of a driveway on Washington Street in Newburgh Sunday, threatening a resident with a folding knife, authorities told The Times Herald-Record.

Resident Randy Martinez, 23, told the paper that Mann was dancing around, making lewd hand gestures and appeared to be on drugs.

“I rolled down the window and was going to tell him he can’t be on my property, and then he takes out his knife, and I’m just like, ‘Oh, God, no. What’s going to happen?’ ” Martinez said Monday.

Martinez, concerned about the safety of his mom, her friend and his aunt who were cooking near the back door, called police, according to the report.

When City of Newburgh K-9 Officer Roman Scuadroni responded with his K-9 Lee, Martinez started filming the encounter.

Scuadroni can be seen trying to talk to Mann, who was still dancing in place.

Then Mann advanced toward Scuadroni and punched him in the face, the clip shows.

That’s when Lee got involved.


Article URL: https://nypost.com/2019/11/26/k-9-helps-take-down-man-who-punched-orange-county-cop-video/

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