Iraq unrest: 26 killed in fresh wave of protests

Protesters near Ahrar Bridge in Baghdad, where at least four people died on Thursday                            AFP


At least 350 people have been killed and thousands wounded since the unrest began.

Troops used live ammunition and tear gas to clear sit-ins on two bridges, medics and security sources reported, with protesters responding by torching a police station.


Amnesty International’s Middle East research director, Lynn Maalouf, said the scenes “more closely resemble a war zone than city streets and bridges”, accusing security forces of “appalling violence against largely peaceful protesters”.

Although Iraq’s anti-government protests have been directed mainly at the country’s political leaders, many of those taking part have also expressed anger at Iran’s influence over Iraq’s internal affairs, which has steadily grown since the US-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003.

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