Tertullian’s De baptismo/On baptism —Which Turned into a Misogynist Rage That Spilt the Beans on Church Wrongdoings.


Tertullian’s De baptismo/On baptism —Which  Turned into a Misogynist Rage 

That Spilt the Beans on Church Wrongdoings.

“And do you not know that you are (each) an Eve? The sentence of God on this sex of yours lives in this age: the guilt must of necessity live too. You are the devil’s gateway: you are the unsealer of that (forbidden) tree: you are the first deserter of the divine law: you are she who persuaded him whom the devil was not valiant enough to attack.

You destroyed so easily God’s image, man. 

On account of your desert—that is, death—even the 

Son of God had to die. And do you think about adorning yourself over 

and above your tunics of skins?”

Tertullian—De Cultu Feminarium (On the Apparel of Women), Chapter 1

The Church hierarchy does not readily divulge its wrongdoings that may tarnish the image of their religion or the church. As we never see them waving anti-biblical banners or declaring that some books of Bible and certain so-called Christian scriptures are SpuriousApocrypha. Or that epistles of Paul were not even written by the named author, but written by someone posing as Paul—which is called pseudepigrapha by those being politically correct. Whatever words one uses, the fact remains the same—it is still a fake or forgery that does not belong in a religion. Yet, they are there in plain sight. As if taunting the faithful and the not so faithful, such as the Apocrypha and pseudepigrapha.

Apocrypha—of doubtful authenticity: Spurious—false or forged.


The Apocrypha (Greek, “hidden books”) are Jewish books from that period not preserved in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) but included in the Latin (Vulgate) and Greek (Septuagint) Old Testaments. The Apocrypha are still regarded as part of the canon of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches, and as such, their number is fixed. 


Pseudepigrapha—(Greek, “falsely attributed”) However, there are many other Jewish writings from the Second Temple Period which were excluded from the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible); these are known as the Apocrypha and the Pseudepigrapha.


However, the woman-hating misogynist Tertullian (155-240), the noted church-father. Was so outraged that Paul the false apostle (see Acts 21:1) allowed women to preach and baptise, that he spills the beans on the Acts of Paul and Thecla, saying that it was not Paul who wrote it, but a presbyter from Asia. Who forged it for his love of Paul. Tertullian wrote: 

Quodsi quae Pauli perperam scripta sunt exemplum Theclae ad licentiam mulierum docendi tinguendique defendunt, sciant in Asia presbyterum qui eam scripturam construxit, quasi titulo Pauli de suo cumulans, convictum atque confessum id se amore Pauli fecisse loco decessisse.


Englisce translation: But if the writings which wrongly go under Paul’s name, claim Thecla’s example as a licence for women’s teaching and baptising, let them know that, in Asia, the presbyter who composed that writing, as if he were augmenting Paul’s fame from his own store, after being convicted, and confessing that he had done it from love of Paul, was removed from his office. [Citation for published version (APA): Bremmer, J. N. (1996). The Apocryphal Acts of Paul And Thecla. (2 ed.), pp. 151-2, Kampen: Kok Pharos Publishers] Or check out Chapter 17 of http://www.newadvent.org/fathers/0321.htm]


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