Democrats Ponder Impeachment Pivot

The Republicans in the House did a superb job in shredding the wet noodle projectionist Democrat project under the worst possible conditions.  And while I have more confidence in rising Republican superstar Elise Stefanik and the rest of her Republican colleagues in the House than in some of their Senate colleagues, the ground will be way too favorable in the Senate for this to be anything but a Democrat Chernobyl.

Democrats and their media allies would be forced to watch in abject misery as Republicans call witnesses like the Bidens and Schiffty and focus on revealing the origins of this second coup attempt.  Schiff can’t be relishing the possibility of trying to explain away his gut-buster that he doesn’t know the identity of the “whistleblower.”  Lieutenant Colonel Democrat will get called back for a Leavenworth-worthy encore performance.

The biggest Democrat problem is that they will lose control of the narrative at the very time they need it most.  With the inspector general report getting ready to drop and John Durham’s investigation proceeding, they simply cannot afford to turn over the megaphone.

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