Turkeydaze: Media Says Weed Will Help Dealing With Conservative Relatives at Thanksgiving

Are you a lefty who’s secretly aware many of your viewpoints are whack and fear critical conversation with conservative relatives this Thanksgiving? Don’t worry! Just smoke a bunch of weed, or better yet as — Daily Beast insists — make a “cannabis-infused gravy” that will taste good (most likely not) and inoculate you from having earnest conversation with people from other perspectives.

Yes, weed will help heal the “Divided” States of America. Talk about real snowflake territory.

Leftwing outlet The Daily Beast is concerned for its audience’s well-being this holiday season. With “intrusive questions and judgmental family members” on the horizon, the outlet is doing a major service for politically insecure purple-hairs all over the nation, providing “DIY coping mechanisms” in case you have “awkward grocery store run-ins with old classmates,” or have to deal with “your father’s armchair impeachment predictions.”

Gosh, real people, real foibles. As Daily Beast knows, it’s helpful to recognize these “triggers.” Just listen to the outlet’s cited “mental health coach and influencer,” Gabrielle Ortega. There’s an actual strategy to protect the echo chamber at all costs. She told exhausted keyboard warriors to “stake out the nearest exit.” “It’s ok to take physical space as often as necessary to re-center and soothe any anxiety that comes up,” Ortega mentioned on Instagram.

And if there is an emotional support emu nearby, even better.



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