Canada is doomed; doomed I say!

Answers in Genesis carries the story of a young Canadian woman, Patricia Engler, who is planning to backpack around the world in 180 days to examine the health or otherwise of Christianity on university campuses. She decided that she would first check out the idea with a visit to a Canadian university and what she found there shocked her to her core.

The ideas I found rioting on the bulletin boards reflected how Canadian culture has long abandoned God’s word as its source of authoritative truth. When we dismissed the Bible as a scientifically irrelevant myth, we presumed the right to establish truth ourselves. Concepts of right, wrong, personhood, family and other core human elements became ours to define, interpret, re-define and re-interpret however we chose.


This belief, together with all the secular worldviews it spawns, requires unguided evolution to explain human origins. So, the sight of evolutionary messages throughout the campuses hardly surprised me. From fossil displays in science buildings, to posters outside labs, to cartoons on professors’ doors, the story rang consistent: Evolution created us. And if evolution created us, then the Genesis account of human origins is mythical. Yet, as I’d also learned in that seminar by Ken Ham, Genesis 1-11 directly or indirectly provides the basis for every major doctrine in the Christian worldview.


Canadian universities then are headed down the primrose path that leads to the everlasting bonfire and if the result of the last federal election, where a conservative party widely expected to win but was let down in part by the socially conservative views of its leader, is anything to go by then the rest of Canada is not far behind.

This led me to pose the question:

Why is Canada which shares a border with the US and has a similar culture so much more liberal and so much less religious than the United States?

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