Religiosity vs. spirituality; what would you say is the actual difference?

So that we are all starting off on the same page, below are the common Merriam-Webster definitions on which you may decide to base your conclusions.  Think about it, then mix and match as you see fit. Or, you may feel free to create your own definitions. (I’m an easy grader!) 😉

Now for the questions:

Q1. (Y/N) Do you think one can be religious without (also) being spiritual? I.e., that they are mutually INclusive concepts. Please explain.

Q2. (Y/N) Conversely, do you think one can be spiritual without (also) being religious? I.e., that they can be mutually EXclusive concepts. Please explain.

Q3. Do you consider spirituality without religion (e.g., Pantheism) a non-sequitur? An oxymoron? Possibly even bogus? Please explain.

Q4. Per the title, what do you see as the actual difference between religion and spirituality? Give details if you can.

Thanks for recommending and posting.