Would you be convinced?

Let’s imagine a scenario.

A man appears to you. He begins lauding his religion, which runs counter to everything you believe in.  It is centered around a deity you do not believe in.

Every time you open your mouth to question this man on his beliefs, he uses your own argument to support his religion.  No matter what it is, he somehow knows what you’re going to ask and he asks you the same about your religion, and uses your own arguments for his religion.

The question becomes:

Would your own arguments convince you to the veracity of his religion and his deity?  If not, why do you use those arguments for your religion and your deity?

This little exercise, I hope, allows you to see your own religion and belief in a deity from the perspective of those that aren’t a part of your religion and believer. What argument would be convincing for you to give up your belief in your deity and believe in their deity instead?

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