Canadian mall fires ‘Santa’ for posting ‘dirty’ and ‘inappropriate’ photos online

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A mall in British Columbia, Canada, kicked off the Christmas season by firing Santa Claus.

After working as a mall Santa last year, Gary Haupt was ready to step back into Saint Nick’s shoes for the holidays. But after sharing some personal photos of himself as Santa fooling around with a friend on Facebook, Haupt found himself on the naughty list.

“They brought me into the [mall’s management] office,” Haupt told Fox News. “That never happens. It was clear to me that something was afoot. They were not there to discuss it with me, they were there to give me the word.”

Haupt isn’t entirely sure what happened, he said. He doesn’t know if somebody complained to the mall or if management saw the photos online. All he knows is that the photos had been deemed inappropriate and the mall fired him as Santa.

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