Rape is About Dirty Patriarchy, Not Religion


Jaipur:A six-year-old schoolgirl who went missing on Saturday in Rajasthan’s Tonk district, was found dead in her uniform, allegedly raped and strangled with her school belt, police said on Sunday.

Her body was lying near bushes in a remote area near her village Khetadi. Liquor bottles, snacks and bloodstains were also found at the spot, police officials said.

Mumbai: A 35-year-old woman died on the way to the hospital after she was beaten allegedly by her boyfriend near Mankhurd railway station in Mumbai, police said on Sunday.

Seeta Pradhan collapsed after being slapped allegedly by her boyfriend Raju Pujari Yallapa on Saturday when he saw her talking to another person near a public toilet in the eastern suburb, an official told news agency Press Trust of India.

“She collapsed after being hit by Yallapa and was declared dead on arrival at the Rajawadi Hospital in Ghatkopar,” the official told PTI.

All this even as Parliament expressed outrage over the dastardly rape and murder of the 26 year old veterinarian from Hyderabad by four men. Emotional speeches ran through both Houses as the Members of Parliament demanded strict action, with actor Jaya Bachan demanding, “These types of people (the rape accused in the Telangana case) need to be brought out in public and lynched.”

On the social media, however, lessons still remained to be learnt with the gruesome, meticulously planned rape and murder of the young woman being communalised by trolls with little to no understanding of the larger situation. The focus shifted from the four, to the religious identity of the one, as tweet after tweet sought to communalise the rape although the men involved had worked together regardless of religious differences. What brought them together was the dirt of patriarchy that made them target the young vet, and plan the abduction, the rape and the murder —that ended with them setting her body on fire—in which all four according to preliminary investigation played a singular part.

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