Big deal, he is: how Baby Yoda became 2019’s biggest new character

Three weeks and four episodes into its run, Disney+’s The Mandalorian – the brand-new streaming service’s flagship series and the first live-action Star Wars show – has already cemented its legacy thanks to the sensation that is Baby Yoda. The mysterious green tyke has been dominating pop culture and social media ever since episode one, while the deployment of The Mandalorian at the start of the holiday shopping season guarantees that related merchandise will be flying off the shelves. The timing also leads directly into the release of the third and final installment of the franchise’s theatrical saga, ensuring that Star Wars will reign supreme as we close out this decade and usher in the next.

Suffice to say, Disney’s gamble – The Mandalorian cost about $15m per episode – will end up paying off. Even taking into consideration how ephemeral most pop culture phenomena turn out to be in our oversaturated media landscape, Baby Yoda fever is likely to prove a chronic condition

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