Democrats Gamble on Yuletide Impeachment

In fact, if anything, the rush to impeach Trump by Christmas – a seemingly arbitrary deadline — could backfire, as some Democrats have already reportedly started to worry. Other Democrats argue that time is of the essence, as a weeks-long Senate trial early next year could ground two of the top contenders in the presidential contest who would otherwise be campaigning in the critical early voting states.

But if Democrats are in a timing bind, it’s one of their own making and a quandary Trump and his Republican allies have been quick to exploit.

This week, Trump slammed Democrats for holding an impeachment hearing while he’s in London for the NATO summit. “Not nice!” the president tweeted. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized the timetable as “very unfortunate,” and Trump ally Rep. Mark Meadows accused House Judiciary Democrats of “purposefully” scheduling the hearing during the “long-planned NATO conference.”

“Extremely poor form, and another instance of an unfair and unserious process,” he tweeted.

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