The Impeachment Drive Climbs Into the Clown Car: Up next, a pointless hearing before the House’s most incompetent committee.

And crucially, the format of the committee will set it up for failure. During the Intelligence Committee’s fact-finding inquiry, Chairman Adam Schiff took control of the hearings by beginning with 45-minute rounds of direct witness questioning by him and a staff attorney, followed by equal time for Republican ranking member Devin Nunes and the GOP staff attorney, before opening things up for five-minute rounds of questioning for the 22 members on the committee. The House Judiciary Committee is nearly twice as large as the Intelligence committee, with 41 members—24 Democrats and 17 Republicans—set to offer questioning in sprawling free-for-all of a multiplicity of agendas.

In such a contest, the winning side is often the one that can yell the loudest, or—as the New York Times described the Republican game plan—merely the side that can “mire Democrats in a sloppy fight, making the hearings into such a confusing mishmash of competing information that even Republicans troubled by Mr. Trump’s actions see no upside in breaking with him.”


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