Iran in flames and ‘experts’ didn’t foresee it due to Trump-hate blindness

As they say in Foggy Bottom: Oopsies.

The problem here isn’t that so many experts were so wrong — even the best thinkers can sometimes miss the mark. The problem is that all of our experts were wrong in exactly the same way, for precisely the same reason.

Blinded by their disdain for Trump, they could credit no narrative that didn’t feature the president as the ultimate bumbler. Otherwise, they’d have had to accept two rather obvious points: that the billions paid by Team Obama kept the despised mullahs afloat; and that Trump imposing strict sanctions ­deprived the mullahs of the ­resources they need to keep ­oppressing the Iranian people.

So much was clear to anyone who actually bothered looking at Iran soberly. Sadly, this excludes more or less our entire liberal foreign policy establishment, most of academia and the media.

It’s a troubling turn of events, but pay it little mind: As our ­experts are busy with their own #Resistance, a real resistance is unfolding in Iran.

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