South Carolina Republican wants to ban transition-related care for transgender youth

South Carolina Republican wants to ban transition-related care for transgender youth

A new bill filed ahead of next year’s legislative session in South Carolina would ban minors from receiving any type of medical treatment that seeks to aid in a gender transition.

The bill, titled “The Youth Gender Reassignment Prevention Act,” would prohibit anyone under the age of 18 from undergoing gender confirmation surgery, but would also prohibit them from using hormones and puberty blockers, or receiving any type of treatment that would assist them in aligning their physical appearance to match their gender identity.

Doctors found guilty of violating the law — even if such treatments were recommended to treat a patient’s gender dysphoria — would be subject to punishment and would have to appear before the state Board of Medical Examiners, which could suspend or completely revoke a doctor’s license to practice.

The ban does not apply to mental health counseling that transgender youth may seek out to help with their feelings of gender dysphoria.

The bill’s sponsor, State Rep. Stewart Jones (R-Laurens) told the Post and Courier that he proposed the measure in response to an ongoing Texas custody case that has riled up anti-trans activists and been covered incessantly by conservative media.

In the Texas case, the father wishes his 7-year-old child to present and live as a cisgender boy, while the mother insists that her child is a transgender girl and wishes to allow her child to transition.

The case has inspired similar legislation not only in the Lone Star State, but others, including Alaska, Illinois, and Kentucky.

A Georgia state representative recently floated a similar proposal for a bill she’s working on that would punish doctors or parents who assist a minor in transitioning, although the Georgia House Speaker has expressed skepticism about spending time on bills dealing with volatile social issues.

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