Disney can be sued by Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ judge rules

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Bill Nye the Science Guy is about to become the legal guy.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Dalila Lyons granted Nye the ability to take The Walt Disney Company to court with limited claims. Nye is seeking $28 million in damages and accuses Disney of under-reporting or withholding his share of profits from his 1990s syndicated series, “Bill Nye, the Science Guy.”

Disney had attempted to lower the case’s standing to “an accounting spectacle.” Still, the judge put limits on the claims against Disney which did not sit well with Nye’s lawyers.

“While we are disappointed with the Court’s ruling yesterday and the flawed legal reasoning upon which it relied, we welcome the opportunity to litigate the remainder of our clients’ case at trial and finally recover the damages Mr. Nye and his fellow producers are entitled to, including an award of punitive damages,” Nye’s lawyers from Hamrick & Evans said in a statement given to FOX Business, “More importantly, it is our hope that this case, which Disney has fought so hard to stall, will finally shine some light upon the improper accounting practices that Disney utilizes to unjustly deprive profit participants, like our clients, of their fair share of revenues from the programing that they work so hard to create.”


Article URL: https://www.foxbusiness.com/media/disney-bill-nye-the-science-lawsuit

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