The Internet Predicted That Ted Cruz Would Kill The ‘Baby Yoda’ Meme—And Sure Enough, He Did

Some people have a reputation of ruining everything they touch.

One of those people is Texas Senator Rafael “Ted” Cruz.

So what has Ted touched now?

Baby Yoda.

Not content with ruining beards, Cruz decided it was time to take down the baby Yoda meme on social media.

A media frenzy started over the creature featured in the Disney+ streaming service’s new show The Mandalorian. After people speculated what could possibly kill the enthusiasm, Nitz Bluv—an NBA writer for The Athletic—predicted only one force in the galaxy could defeat baby Yoda’s cuteness:

Texas Republican Senator Ted “Dork Side” Cruz.

Well, technically she said “one corny politician,” but who’s more corny than this?

Her tweet though…

…prompted this from Duncan Smith who writes about the Detroit Pistons for Forbes

…which inevitably caused this.

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