Trump made 96 false claims over the last two weeks

Washington (CNN)It is not fun trying to catch up on fact checking President Donald Trump.

We took a Thanksgiving break from our comprehensive counting of the President’s false claims. We returned to find a hefty backlog of nonsense.
Trump made 41 false claims last week, some of which he spent relaxing in Florida. He made 55 false claims the week before.
The economy was the top subject of his dishonesty, with 27 false claims over the two weeks. Many of those economic claims related to his trade war with China; he made 18 false claims about China, 15 about trade (some of which were also about China) and 14 false claims about Ukraine.
Trump scattered the dishonesty around multiple events and interviews. His worst showing: 23 false claims during a ranting 53-minute interview with Fox News morning show “Fox & Friends.” (Before we had time to do a deep dive, we reported it was at least 18 false claims.) Trump added another 15 false claims during his campaign rally in Sunrise, Florida, and 13 false claims in a radio interview with former Fox host Bill O’Reilly.
Trump has now made 1,351 false claims since we began counting at CNN on July 8, an average of about 64 per week.
The most egregious false claim: What you hear about veterans
Trump could make an argument that he has improved the treatment of veterans by the Veterans Health Administration. Rarely content to claim incremental progress when he can claim an astonishing transformation, he keeps saying — three times in these past two weeks alone — that you no longer see any news stories about veterans being mistreated.
“You don’t hear that anymore, do you? You don’t hear it anymore,” he said at the rally in Florida. There are only two possibilities here: the commander in chief is lying to the country about veterans or Trump is unaware of what is happening to veterans.
It’s possible that Trump’s own favored media outlets are no longer doing as much reporting about veterans’ horror stories as they did under President Barack Obama, but the horror stories have not vanished.

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