After Horrific Rape in India, Police Kill 4 Suspects

The police said the men linked to the Hyderabad case had gone for officers’ guns. Rights activists questioned the police’s account, while many Indians celebrated.

NEW DELHI — One of India’s most troubling rape cases of recent months was brought to a sudden and shocking end on Friday.

Four men who had been accused of raping and killing a young woman near the southern Indian city of Hyderabad were taken under a bridge by police officers and shot dead in the early hours of the morning.

How the events played out is not entirely clear.

The police, who had been under enormous pressure to bring the rapists to justice, said that they had taken the men to the scene of the crime at 3 a.m. and were in the process of watching them re-enact the attack when two of the men tried to grab the officers’ guns, leaving the officers no choice but to shoot the suspects dead.

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