FOUR people are dead including a UPS driver and a passerby after cops sprayed a hijacked truck with more than 200 bullets in a shootout Florida.

Two suspected robbers are also dead after leading police on a wild 25-mile chase that ended in a bloodbath as 19 officers opened fire on a busy road in rush hour.

Helicopter footage showed at least one body lying on the ground beside a UPS delivery vehicle which was riddled with bullet holes.

The hijacked driver Frank Ordonez, who was on his knees inside, was killed along with an innocent bystander who was sitting in a nearby car at the junction.

Cops said the two hijackers opened fire from inside the van after it was forced to sow down in traffic on the four-lane Miramar Parkway north of Miami.

Video shows dozens of officers approaching, some with long guns, and taking shelter behind some of the dozen cars surrounding it.

FBI special agent George Piro said: “The armed suspects engaged law enforcement, opened fire, exchanged fire between law enforcement and the suspects.

“Unfortunately, the suspects are now deceased, but also two additional innocent civilians deceased.”

No officers were hurt, police said.

Frank, 27, had worked for UPS for five years and was on his first ever shift as a solo driver after finishing his training, friends said.

He had two daughters aged three and six, his brother Roy told CNN. He said Frank was “outgoing and happy”.

A GoFundMe page set up by colleagues says: “A fellow UPS driver was the unfortunate victim of a hijacking, resulting in a tragic death

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