Study: People with less political knowledge think they know a lot about politics

“Many Americans appear to be extremely overconfident in their political knowledgeability, because they have no way of knowing how little they actually know about the world of politics (this is the so-called ‘double bind of incompetence’). But there’s a catch: when Republicans and Democrats engage in partisan thought processes, this effect becomes even stronger than before,”


The first time I remember giving politics a second thought was the 1976 Election. I voted for Jimmy Carter. Because he was from Georgia. And his label was Democrat and well, we live in a democracy and so yeah. I’ll vote Democrat.

I was 25 and that’s about the extent of my thought process at the time.

Since then I figured a few things out and have since educated myself a little better.

So what first peaked your interest in politics? What first got your attention?

What is the first thing you remember that moved you left or right?

Who or what was your biggest influence?

Do you feel like you have a good working knowledge of not only your side of the spectrum but the other side as well?




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