Impeachment could make life miserable for GOP Senate majority

Opinion by Joe Lockhart

Updated 2:16 PM ET, Sun December 8, 2019

(CNN) With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to move forward with impeachment, and the White House decision not to participate in the House process, the impeachment of President Donald Trump is virtually sealed.

The only remaining issues moving forward will be how many different articles of impeachment the President will be facing in the Senate — and what the rules surrounding his trial will be.
It is virtually certain there will be an article on abuse of power, one on bribery for the alleged Ukraine “shakedown” (which Trump denies) and one more on obstruction of Congress for the unprecedented stonewalling of several House committees. What hasn’t been decided is whether to add in an additional article on obstruction of justice — based on evidence presented special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

And while the impeachment vote will be historic, it may lack political drama — as it’s expected to be a party-line vote.

So, the main focus now is on how the Senate will move forward with a trial.


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