The Ford Mustang Mach 1 Will Return In 2021: Rumor

Two years ago, Ford announced an electric crossover that would become the Mach-E, originally calling it the Mach 1. It was, according to Ford PR rep Mike Levine, “researching the name Mach 1 to see how customers respond.”

Customers did not respond well. While many people were not enthused that an electric crossover had any attachment to the Mustang name at all, the Mach 1 name seemed to be too much.

Well, perhaps because of the realization that so many people feel a fondness for the name, Ford is rumored to be bringing back the Mach 1. Torque News is reporting that “A source has confirmed that this is not a rumor, but a fact,” adding that it will be replacing the Bullitt in the Mustang performance lineup.

A video with a handful of details was put up by CJ Pony Parts and later taken down, but not before being seen by Ford Authority. The video reportedly alleged that the Mach 1 would have more power than the Mustang GT, which is currently at 460 horsepower (The Bullitt makes 480). It was also said that the Mach 1 will share some components with the Shelby GT350 and the Performance Pack Level 2.

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