Trump: IG report of justified campaign probe shows ‘attempted overthrow’ of government

“It is an embarrassment to our country, it is dishonest, it is everything that a lot of people thought it would be except far worse,” he said at the White House, following the release of the long-awaited report by the Justice Department’s watchdog that rebutted his regular depiction of a politically biased plot against him.

But Trump sought to shift focus to the report’s findingthat the FBI mishandled parts of its application to monitor a former Trump campaign aide as it probed possible Russian interference in the 2016 election, rather than focusing on the conclusion that the overall investigation was justified and not politically motivated.

“It is a disgrace what has happened with respect to the things that were done to our country. It should never again happen,” said Trump, adding the findings were “far worse than I would have ever thought possible.”

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